About Melanie McCalmont

Melanie McCalmont is the author of “A Wilderness of Rocks.”…

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A Wilderness of Rocks

About the book

“A Wilderness of Rocks: the Impact of Relief Models on…

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relief globe in DVF office

Blog: Creativity, fashion, and globes

High fashion and old maps were the last thing I…

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telautograph 1904

Emerging technology at the 1904 Louisiana Exposition

World’s Fairs had such impact! Read about a demonstration of…

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3D printing and relief modeling for the blind

Relief models were widely used in schools for the blind…

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pouncing and relief modeling

Blog: Pouncing and relief models

Pouncing is an artist’s technique that was also used to create…

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photo from Sarah Fitzsimmons website

Blog: Pacific quilt relief art

Once you look for relief modeling, you see it everywhere.…

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M-64 Yosemite after

Book excerpt: how were historic relief models made?

What are relief models? The following text is an excerpt…

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Petrosomatoglyphs in releif model plaster

leaving your mark

New word: Petrosomatoglyph. It’s the body prints or markings in a…

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Yosemite National Park relief model, back side

blog: photographing the Yosemite National Park relief model

I stood there in terror, my hands up ready to cover…

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Library of Congress image. Photograph shows three women working together in an office; one operating the teletypewriter, the other writing, and another handling the receiving tape.

blog: researching old maps

How does a line of research get started? From January…

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blog: sandboxes and analog modeling

Adults immersed in tech fields are wisely choosing to remove…

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WHS History Sandwiched In July 2013

Relief model video: University Place

This presentation was recorded at the Wisconsin Historical Society “History…

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Detail of the Black Hills of South Dakota from image caption box

Black Hills

Detail of the Black Hills of South Dakota relief model…

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Art on a storefront in Maryland near the subway stop.

Storefront art

This artwork was part of the storefront for a clothing…

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