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A Wilderness of Rocks by Melanie McCalmont

About the book cover: The photos on the cover are relief models in the “Wilderness of Rocks” book. From top left, “North America” on page 83, “Uinta and Wasatch Mountains” on page 65, “Chattanooga District” on page 87, and “Grand Canyon of the Colorado” on page 51.

Read an excerpt. “A Wilderness of Rocks: the Impact of Relief Models on Data Science” is a large-format book for every history, emerging technology, and map lover. The Introduction tells the history of these 3D models, and each model has its own unique background story with gorgeous photographs by Timothy Hughes.

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Discover the University of Wisconsin collection of historic relief models, or three-dimensional maps. The University of Wisconsin relief models were crafted from 1875-1943 at the dawn of the analytics age. Relief models are an extremely effective visualization tool. They help us intuitively understand big data sets and to create spatial awareness–the knowledge of relationships between objects, places and ourselves. Each relief model is shown in beautiful color photography. Learn their fascinating stories of expeditions and earthquakes, mountains and museums, bankruptcy and battlefields, governments and glaciers.

Includes beautiful full-page photographs and short stories about each historic relief model at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and the UW Geology Museum.




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