Book articles and talks


Chicago International Map Fair, forthcoming October 2016, Presentation

  • From Plaster to Pixels: Relief Models in Historical Context



Wisconsin Land Information Association, Fall 2015 meeting, PresentationSCO_WisconsinGeospatialNews_book_Page_1

Map Society of Wisconsin, September 20, 2015 (at AGS Library), Presentation

Royal Purple, “Rare Relief Maps Kept Safe in Upham Hall” by Vesna Brajkovic (Feb 18, 2015)



Live presentation at the “History Sandwiched In” series and Wisconsin Historical Society, filmed for Wisconsin Public Television for University Place series

Isthmus, “A Treasure Trove in Science Hall” by Peter Jurich (Nov 8, 2013)



Friends of UW Libraries Magazine, “Renewing the Landscape” by Erik Opsal (Issue 48, 2008)

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